Saturday, December 19, 2009

My hair is dyed a strawberry blonde. Would a Silver Shampoo tone down the orange?

I recently dyed my hair from brown to blonde at a saloon and they had a really hard time getting it to a lighter blonde that I wanted. It turned out to be a golden blonde with a orange tint, Strawberry blonde. I was not very happy with the orange tint so I bought Silver Expressions from Pantene and it has a purple toner. I know that this shampoo is to get rid of the yellowness in silver, blonde and brassy hair but would this be able to get rid of the orange tint?

Thanks in advance.My hair is dyed a strawberry blonde. Would a Silver Shampoo tone down the orange?
It might, but it probably isn't strong enough if your hair really is orange toned right now. If you don't want to have to mess with anything else, try using that. Make sure you apply it pretty evenly and let it soak in for a few minutes before rinsing out. You'll have to keep up with that for probably at least a week to expect to see any difference.

Some other options that I would recommend.. If you are willing to do a home dye job, go to your local Sally Beauty Supply and buy Wella Color Charm permanent hair dye in White Lady, and pick out a 20 Volume Liquid Developer and an applicator bottle. You might need to ask an employee's help on this. Then go home and have a friend help you mix and apply it. If you can bribe them into it. :)

If you're afraid to apply more chemicals, go to Sally's or Hot Topic and pick out Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye in a blue-violet shade. Go home and add some to a palm full of conditioner, maybe just starting with a pea-sized amount of dye. Apply it to your hair, rinse, dry, and see if it's made a difference. If it hasn't, try it again with a higher proportion of dye. Since your hair was just bleached, it's very absorbent to color so be careful! You don't want lavender or worse, bright purple-blue hair!

Or, you might go back to the salon and tell them you need a toner applied to get rid of the orange. If they don't know what you're talking about, find a different stylist!

There are even more suggestions I could give you, but I think unless you are used to doing your hair color at home you should go back to the salon. If you explain to them you weren't satisfied with the original job, they might even fix it for free!

Good luck. I know first hand how awful it can be to have orange toned bleach blond hair. :( Feel free to give me a shout if you want any more details.

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